26. Februar 2014

☆*:.。★New Legwarmers ♥ Blonde Wig ♥ Ben Nye Banana Powder★。.:*☆

(Warning: My English sucks, so please forgive me if I make any horrible mistakes.)

Hey Gals, 

This month I got a lot of pretty things which I'm obsessed with :) I ordered 2 pairs of legwarmers. A lovely friend♥ showed me them a while ago and I decided to get them asap xD bc I think those cuties are ESSENTIAL for Kuro Gyaru Style. Fortunately they were cheap as hell bc I'm forever broke lol ∩(︶▽︶)∩

diesen Monat sind einige tolle Sachen bei mir angekommen die ich mir mehr oder weniger günstig bestellt hab. Darunter waren 2 paar neue Legwarmers die mir eine liebe Freundin♥ im Internet gezeigt hat. Da diese Teile ziemlich viel vom Kuro Gyaru Look ausmachen musste ich mir sie natürlich sofort holen, und das noch super günstig *o*

Hier einpaar Bildchen:

Well, I forgot to take pics with the other ones which are greyish with black&white stripes. Maybe I'll post pics someday haha xD
Here are some pictures of me with my new super Barbie blonde wig♥

Na super mir fällt gerade auf dass ich keine Bilder mit den anderen Legwarmers gemacht habe... die folgen eventuell noch in Kürze. 
Hier noch Bilder mit meiner neuen Perrücke, ich mags sie total, aber man muss wieder irgendwas aufsetzen damits nich zu sehr nach Perücke aussieht >_>

The wig looks kinda natural & it reminds me a lot of Lhouraii's hair, I envy her sooo much! ♥
Last but not least my Ben Nye Banana Powder arrived today ***o***

Sie sieht sehr natürlich aus und erinnert mich sehr an Lhouraii's Haare... man ich beneide sie so!♥
 Und zu guter letzt kam heute ein Päckchen mit meinem Ben Nye Banana Powder an, ich hab mich derbst drauf gefreut :3


The package looks way smaller in "real live". Don't worry, the powder is not as yellow as it is in my crappy iPhone picure. This stupid camera messes up EVERYTING. Hopefully the new iPhone has a better camera. So I applied it immediately after I had received it and it's simply AMAZING. My skin felt very soft and it didn't feel like you have something on your face at all. I know that everyone is now obsessed with contouring and stuff (I hate trends though) but it's just so much fun doing it. Putting on makeup is like a therapy for me. The whole procedure calms me down and afterwards I look better than before. Best therapy ever, I think you all agree xD After I had seen this video ↑↑↑ from Trisha Paytas [love you Trish♥!!!!] I was totally convinced that I NEED this powder in my life :D 

 - superfine powder
- suits almost every skincolor
- doesn't clog pores
- looks natural & not cakey at all

- pricey -.-

Well guys, that's it. Sorry that my posts are always very short... I think it's bc I'm a lazy ass bitch. School makes me so freakin exhausted so that I want to sleep for like 3 years :> I should go to bed now. Hope you like this post anyway,


Die Packung sieht in Wirklichkeit ziemlich klein aus. Und keine Angst, das Puder ist nich so Gelb wie es meine iPhone Kamera verhunzt hat... Ich habs sofort ausprobiert und muss sagen, dass es suuuuuuperfein ist und sich mega leicht anfühlt, so als hätte mich nicht eingepudert.. obwohl ich mir ordentlich was draufgezimmert hab xD Ich weiß dass es gerade ein Trend ist (und ich hasse Trends), aber dieses face contouring hats mir echt angetan. Vor allem mag ichs wenn der Concealer unterm Auge so richtig schön hell ist. Hachja ich liebe es einfach fake auszusehen x) Und so richtig überzeugt hat mich erst das Video von der süßen Trisha Paytas worin sie es benutzt♥

Hier meine Pro's und Con's

- Superfeines Puder
- Farbe passt zu jedem Teint
- verstopft die Poren nicht
- sieht natürlich aus

 - nicht gerade billig -.-

Okay, das wars wiedermal. Tut mir leid dass meine Posts immer mega kurz sind, ich bin zur Zeit total einfallslos und ausgelaugt, ich bräuchte 3 Jahre Schlaf am Stück xD
Apropos Schlaf... ich sollte mal ins Bett gehen ^^" Machts gut ihr Hübschen,


2. Februar 2014

My Irezumi obsession [入れ墨]

Hello my beautiful followers,

first things first, as you noticed my previous posts were all in German, but a good friend♥ of mine convinced me to start writing all my posts in English, so that everyone of you can read my boring blog in average (or crappy) English instead of translating it with stupid Google translator. Sorry if I make any horrible grammar/vocabulary mistakes, Germans tend to think very difficult in terms of translating something into English, just because our language is sooooo damn complicated sometimes :D

Anyway, this post isn't very Gyaru related, it's about my distinctive obsession for traditional Japanese tattoos.

They're beautiful, aren't they?♥

I first discovered this kind of art when I was 16 years old & started to get very interested in Japanese culture. Before that I only had known about Anime & Manga stuff. But curious me knew that there was much more to discover, so I accidentally stumbled across some pictures of a photographer wo is now my absolute favorite: Nobuyoshi Araki.

Japanese women are so pretty, I look like a potato next to them xD photo taken by Nobuyoshi Araki

Just google him if you don't know who he is and what he's doing. Fact ist that his pictures are fucking awesome. Okay then, I saw a photography taken by him which showed a woman, tattooed, with a huge backpiece tattoo and tied up kinbaku style.

badass (yakuza?) guys. taken by Nobuyoshi Araki
It impressed me so much that I searched for more tattoo pictures and found a lot of them on Tumblr. Oh Tumblr I love you so much, thank you for being in my life :D
Anyway, I startet to watch old Japanese badass-yakuza/samurai-movies and became obsessed with the Japanese aesthetics in general: the way how woodblock-prints, ukiyo-e, are painted, how they arranged their pretty zen-gardens, temples, shrines, traditional clothing...I'm still in love with this culture, I really appreciate the Japanese for doing extraordinary & ordinary things perfectly.

What really amazes me is that those tattoos seem so "alive". It's kind of magical to me.
I really would like to get both sleeves tattooed, maybe similar to this:

Oh well, some of you might think "how the hell is she going to find a job", but guess what? I don't give a flying fuck. Although I think that tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable, especially in Europe.

I chose a few pictures for you, just look at them and enjoy ♥

sooo beautiful omg *o*
I think this one is not that much "traditional" but look at the colors OMG *-*

What do you gals/guys think about this kind of tattoo? Would you get inked like that? Would you be brave enough to get your whole body tattooed like this? I personally would do it IMMEDIATELY if I had the money and strength :D This might take months, even years, but oh well. Beauty is pain, isn't it? ;)

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it's not that boring.

much love,
xoxo ♥