23. April 2014

★☆Fluffy things & Barcelona☆★

Hello my lovely readers!
Sorry for the lack of posts. My life is kinda boring & I hardly have something to blog about.
Anyway, I went to Barcelona with my class (18.02.14  - 22.02.14). First we flew to Zurich and took another plane to Barcelona. I used to like flying when I was a kid, but now it scares the fuck out of me. The older you get the more worried about your life you become.
I was very exited and happy to see another megacity... but as we arrived & took a bus to the city, I was kinda disappointed... I visited so many extraordinary cities in my life, including Rome, Istanbul, New York, London, Paris, St. Peterburg... but tbh, Barcelona is not "extraordinary" at all. There was one thing that freaked me out everyday when I was there: fucking expensive food in so called "restaurants"; to me, they were just shitholes with unfriendly shitheads (=waiters). The amount of food you'll get there is ridiculously small. I payed like fucking 10 € for a cake-plate sized "meal" with seafood on it: 3 tiny ass shrimps, 1 small filet of fish & one small octopus. I was really mad. REALLY mad. I thought all this years that Germany is a expensive place to live, but Barcelona convinced me otherwise. If you go to a Restaurant in Germany, you will get AT LEAST one big plate with food and even a salad + a drink for 10 €.  The problem was that this happened in every restaurant we visited. Sorry Barcelona, but I'll never visit you ever again because you left me hungry and unsatisfied. Shame on you.
Although this pissed me really off there were a few things which made the whole trip a lot more easier to survive.
Here are some pictures of the sights we had visited:


I want candy !!!!

The best thing about Barcelona was the science museum Cosmocaixa. They have a planetarium & a artifical indoor-rainforest with lots of exotic animals.
I can't even describe with words how much I love science.

funniest warning sign ever :D :D

hello Patrick Star :D

I bought 3 nice and fluffy hats a few weeks ago from I saw those hats often on Black Diamond members, so I decided to get them, too... I really don't know what it is, but almost everything fluffy goes well with kuro gyaru. :D

I'm so happy to wear them next winter. I'll just avoid buying clothes from Germany because I will hopefully fly to TOKYO this December & FINALLY get  clothes I like 100000 %. I'm so sick of seeing this "look natural as possible"-trend bullshit here in Germany. It makes me sick to my stomach.

D.I.A. stores, brace yourselves. I'm gonna buy everything you have :D

thank you for reading, see ya
xoxo ♥☆