28. Oktober 2014


Hey everyone!

I went to a Gyaru meet with Bavarian Gyarusa PLUTONIUM! Wow I can really say that I had a wonderful time.. beyond awesome. Kyo, Reita, Barbara, Ramona, Kitai, Jasmin and Azu attended! We first met at the main railway station. I was a little shy at first, but it went away pretty fast because all the girls are so super damn nice (^__^)

Here's the makeup and hair I wore to the meet  ↓↓↓↓

First we went to eat running sushi because we were hungry as hell. I ate so many plates of sushi I don't know how my stomach didn't explode. I sometimes feel embarrassed because I eat very fast haha.

After sushi we went a little bit shopping in the city. Recently I found a shop which sells D.I.A.-like clothes! They have so pretty things. But unfortunately almost everything is onesized and I'm obviously too big for that lol.

 We also went to starbucks to have a drink. :3

We couldn't find a good place with good lighting to take a decent group picture... as we wandered around the main railway station we saw a parking structure and decided to take the elevator to the roof.

The elevator was kinda strange.. it moved so slowly that we thought it will stop in the middle of nowhere... and were trapped forever lolol, look at our frightened faces xD

The lighting there was quite good and we wanted to stay there - BUT a security guy interfered with our plans. He came over to us and screamed: "HABEN SIE EINE GENEHMIGUNG?!!"(= do you have a license?)
Of course we didn't haha.

Then, he kicked us out, just because we haven't bought a parking ticket or a license to take photos there. Really fucking studpid. 
 But don't worry, the girls ate him afterwards (that's why their mouths were covered in blood xD)

Anyways, we found a good place for nice pics afterall! ^^

Here you go...



To put it in a nutshell, it was a very very nice meetup. I love every single one of the gals^^ I just realized that I hid myself from the gal community for too long because I was so scared that people are unfriendly... but YOU lovely ladies convinced me otherwise! ^-^ I'm so happy to know all of you! Thanks for the awesome day!



27. Oktober 2014

☆*:.。♥Short Circle Lens Review // GEO Starmish Brown (*___*)♥。.:*☆

Hello sweethearts,

I decided to write my articles in English again! I ordered new circle lenses a few weeks ago since I wasn't really happy with my eye makeup. Circle lenses make everything more gyaru I think. I got them from PinkyParadise. Here we go! ^^


Comfort 9/10
Enlarging Effect 10/10
Design 10/10


please ignore my ugly nail polish. xD

 Me gusta mucho. I love those lenses so much. I'm very happy with the enlarging effect, it's just right! I wore them for at least six hours, then my eyes became a little dry.  Don't forget to soak them in lens solution overnight before putting them in for the first time!
 In the pic above I wore Diamond Lash Angel Eye (2 Pairs glued together) and Princess Eye Lower Lash. 

I was too lazy to do my makeup on both eyes, haha.

I was so happy receiving my parcel when I came home from school (23.10.14). my life sucks a bit at the moment ugh. I hate school so much (especially economics and math) I can't even. The only thing that keeps  me away from throwing myself down the stairs is my trip with Jasmin to TOKYO in 2 MONTHS OMG. Time goes by very quickly. I also started writing down a list with sights we want to visit! Of course shopping in Shibuya is our no. 1 priority haha. It will feel so unreal arriving there because I've dreamt about this moment since I was 14 years old.

Thanks for reading,