14. Februar 2015

Arriving in Tokyo // Day 1 & 2

Hey gals,

this post is about my trip to TOKYO :)
we flew on the 22. December from Frankfurt to Narita for... 11 hours I guess? Our flight was at 7 p.m. and we arrived in Japan at 3 p.m. I was so super excited! The sun was shining and the weather was just perfect for us^^ Then we took the train to Shinjuku Station.
Oh dear lord, I almost cried out of joy when we walked out of the subay station.

First we were super lost in the middle of nowhere, but fortunately someone helped us finding our apartment!

 It was already dark when we arrived.

apartment view ;)
 Fucking jetlag kept me awake all night long holy crap. I guess I needed almost 4 days to balance it out?

On the next day we went to seven eleven and bought some food because we were hungry and dehydrated as hell.

first meal *o*

 We also bought our Suica cards and drove to the emperor's palace because he would talk to his people ;) oh well... as we were walking to the palace we saw a lot of people with little japanese flags walking AWAY from it and... yeah, we missed the whole show lol.

subay station toilet selfie xD

waiting for our train ^^
Then we drove home to Shinjuku Station and looked for a restaurant to eat something. Like I've imagined before, it smells like food everywhere.. FUCKING DELICIOUS FOOD. 

Finally we found a good yakiniku restaurant ;)
 But the funny thing was that we couldn't find the entrance to the restaurant... it was on the 2nd floor and we accidently walked through the kitchen of the restaurant to get in... we missed the "right" entrance lol. You can imagine the look on the waiters' face when he saw some gaijins in the restaurant's kitchen. They should have written "STAFF ONLY" on the door... but oh well... gaijin fail #1. We laughed about this for a good week.

green tea ♥

This was sooooo delicious! I miss japanese food so damn much. I can truly say that my tastebuds had multiple orgasms within those two weeks. ^^
Japan I love you so much!!!

That's it for day 1 & 2.